Support Groups and Classes

Queen’s offers a number of groups and classes for patients, their families and caregivers to manage the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. 


For pain or side effects from cancer treatment. Also available for patients with other conditions.
Queen's Cancer Center. Call 808-691-8984

Artist in Residence for All Cancer Survivors

Art therapy for all cancer survivors and their caregivers.
Call 808-691-8984 

BRCA Support Group

A support group for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome. 
Call 808-691-7633

Breast Cancer Support Group

A forum to discuss and share issues related to breast cancer.
Third Thursday of each month.

Caregiver Support Group

Supports the needs to caregivers to help them keep a balanced life
Third Wednesday of each month. Call 808-691-8984 

Head & Neck Support Group

Warriors battling cancer of the brain, mouth, throat, thyroid and esophagus
Third Wednesday of each month. Call 808-691-7215 

GI Cancer Support

A support group for patients with gastrointestinal cancer.
First Thursday of each month.

Hands on Healing: Draw What You See

Learn drawing techniques from a professional artist.
Second Wednesday of each month. Call 808-691-8984

I Can Cope: Cancer Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment

Learn about special nutrition needs from a Registered Dietitian
Fourth Thursday of each month. Call 808-691-7117  

Look Good, Feel Better

Beauty professionals help with make-up, skin, nail and hair care for women with cancer. 
Bi-Monthly, Mondays. Call 808-691-8984 

Lung Cancer Support Group

Survivors share and help one another cope with with the disease.
Fourth Monday of each month.

Lymphedema Screening Clinic

For all cancer patients, including breast cancer patients, and their families.
Women's Health Center. Call for initial assessment: 808-691-7117

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