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Holistic Care Services at Queen’s North Hawai‘i Community Hospital

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Holistic Care Services

Many ancient healing traditions believe that wellness exists when the body is balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Conventional (western) medical treatments and complementary treatments help achieve that balance by creating an environment that supports the patient’s personal needs. To help meet our vision of treating the whole individual – mind, body and spirit – we offer you the following holistic services at no charge:

Healing Touch and Reiki

A “laying of hands” helps patients become more relaxed. These energy sessions clear, energize, balance and promote well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Healing Touch and Reiki promote relaxation and sleep and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. Friends and family are welcome to stay and participate in the sessions if desired.

Prayer Blanket Ministry

Colorful lap blankets are sewn by community members, blessed by local churches, and given to the patients. Filled with heart-centered prayers and positive intentions, these blankets are for patients to keep.

Pet Therapy

Special pet therapy animals, accompanied by their volunteer handlers, make visits to patients throughout the hospital with an abundance of aloha to share!


Patients are offered specially selected essential oils for relaxation, alertness, nausea, and upset stomach. A few drops are applied to a cotton ball and then taped to the patient’s gown at shoulder level.


Oshibori, “hot towel” in Japanese, is a complimentary service offered during the week to patients, family members and visitors. Patients may request a few drops of essential oil be placed on the hot towel, which is then placed on the neck or held in ones hands. The warmth and pleasant scent bring comfort and relaxation.

The CARE Channel (Channel 55)

The CARE (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) channel provides 24 hours of peaceful nature scenes with beautiful music. This unique daytime and nighttime imagery supports the circadian rhythm, enhancing sleep and reducing the negative impact of hospital noise.

To make arrangements for a complimentary holistic care service, please call ext. 44416 or contact your nurse.