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Patient & Family Advisory Council at The Queen’s Medical Center

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Patient & Family Advisory Council

Empower, Innovate, Improve the Health Care Experience

Applications are always accepted.

The Queen’s Patient & Family Advisory Council is an advisory group made up of volunteers from the community and hospital staff that meets monthly to provide feedback and guidance on improving the experience of patients and their families.

Because patients and their families are direct recipients of the care and service given at Queen’s, they can help hospital staff see issues from their unique perspective. Volunteer community advisors work with hospital staff advisors on a variety of patient and family care issues. Based on the guidance of the Patient & Family Advisory Council, hospital managers can take direct action to improve the experience of patients and their families. 

Patient & Family Advisory Council Mission
To give first priority to the voice of patients and families in order to design innovative, inspired health care delivery systems based on Queen’s C.A.R.E. Values of Compassion, Aloha, Respect, and Excellence.


  • Cultivate respectful, welcoming partnerships between patients, families, leadership, and staff with open, constructive communication.
  • Encourage collaboration between families and providers of patient care.
  • Strengthen communication between patients, families, leadership, and staff.
  • Channel information and concerns from patients and families to organizational leadership.
  • Offer effective solutions to patient-family concerns.
  • Provide input for clinical programs to meet patient and family needs.
  • Provide recommendations on operational issues that affect patients and families.

Patient & Family Advisory Council meetings may involve:

  • Sharing health care experiences with doctors, staff, and other advisors.
  • Participating in group discussions on what it is like to be a patient or family member, and how care, quality, safety, and service can be improved.
  • Providing input about hospital policies, practices, and patient education.
  • Identifying patient and family needs and concerns.
  • Serving in smaller groups regarding the care and service in particular areas of the hospital.

If you are interested in serving on the Queen’s Patient & Family Advisory Council please fill out the form below.

Patient & Family Advisor Interest Form

Membership is limited. Acceptance of applicants is based on fulfilling certain criteria as outlined in the Queen’s Patient & Family Advisory Council By-Laws.