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Day Treatment Services at The Queen’s Medical Center

Day Treatment Services

Day Treatment Services, through The Queen’s Medical Center, cares for the psychiatrically ill, chemically addicted, or dually diagnosed patients in an outpatient setting. We provide opportunities to stabilize acute psychiatric conditions, resolve crisis situations, establish sobriety, and begin the recovery process while remaining in the community. Our primary goal is to deliver services that are recovery-centered and geared toward fostering an individual’s ability to live, work, learn and function in their community roles. Day Treatment Services utilizes interventions that are evidence-based, encompassing curriculum within a supportive setting to provide the individual with the best opportunity for successful recovery.
Queen’s Day Treatment Services offers multiple programs and classes to address various mental health, substance abuse, trauma, and stress-related issues. We are recognized as one of Hawaii’s most comprehensive adult outpatient treatment programs targeting mental health and substance abuse addictions.

Conditions Addressed:

  • Anxiety: fear, panic attacks, racing thoughts, post-traumatic stress, disrupted sleep/eating patterns
  • Community Role Disruption: difficulty managing self-care, impaired work performance, difficulty accessing or limited understanding of community resources
  • Depression: hopelessness, home isolation, diminished self-worth, social withdrawal, thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Grief/Loss: traumatic experiences, stress, loss of a loved one, inability to cope with change
  • Interpersonal Difficulties: low self-esteem, limited social support, difficulty interacting with others
  • Mania: racing thoughts, excessive energy, irritability, irrational/grandiose thinking
  • Perceptual Impairments: auditory/visual hallucinations, psychosis, sensory distortion
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction: substance dependence, relapse, inability to cope with addiction
  • Thought Disorders: delusional thinking, paranoia, disorganized thinking, difficulty concentrating, confusion

Services Available: