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Become a Patient – Day Treatment Services

Becoming a Patient at Day Treatment Services

Thank you for choosing Queen’s Day Treatment Services for your care.

Potential patients should call the screening line at 808-691-4157 and leave a message requesting assistance with services, including a name and contact phone number.

Calls will be returned within 24 hours and a screening interview can be scheduled at that time.

Appointments are required; we are not a walk-in clinic. Parking is free for all clients.

Financial Coverage

Select aspects of Day Treatment Services are financially covered by insurance or through government funding. 

For patients without insurance or adequate sources of payment ability, limited financial assistance is available from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division or Adult Mental Health Division, under specific conditions.

The majority of services are covered by most medical insurance companies including HMSA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Quest plans. For those who do not have medical insurance, 50% of the individual’s co-pay amount is expected at the time of visit. Please contact a Patient Relations representative to discuss payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever use alcohol or drugs to relax, to feel better about yourself, or to fit in? Do family or friends ever tell you to cut down on your use of alcohol or drugs? Have you ever gotten into trouble while you were using alcohol or drugs? If you’ve answered YES to some of these questions or find that your substance use has interfered with personal relationships, work function, or negatively impacted important areas of your life, treatment can help.

The term dual diagnosis is used when a person has co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. Research suggests that the majority of people who struggle with substance abuse also experience mental health symptoms. People often use substances to alleviate mental health symptoms including depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity and become dependent on those substances to feel “normal.” By addressing both substance abuse and mental health symptoms concurrently, consumers have a better chance at long-term recovery from both mental illness and substance abuse.

While we do require treatment participants to attend 12-step meetings, our treatment and curriculum are not 12-step focused. You will not be actively working on the 12 steps with counselors while in treatment here, however, we do encourage consumers to engage in working the steps as appropriate for them and their recovery.

Call the Screening Line at 808-691-4157 and leave a message that includes your name and contact information.

You will receive a call back within 24 hours from one of our clinicians who will set up an appointment for an initial meeting. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to ask questions regarding treatment and for us to assess if our programs can help meet your needs. These appointments generally last about 30 minutes.

Following your initial appointment, you will be contacted to be offered services, placed on a waitlist for services or be referred for other services outside of Day Treatment Services.

This will differ for each program. Our Dual Diagnosis Program is abstinence-based, which means we do not allow patients to actively consume mood-altering substances while in treatment.

The exception is we allow the use of medication assisted treatment such as Suboxone.

Day Treatment Services will provide care to individuals from the age 12 and older. We are primarily an outpatient clinic providing mental health and substance abuse services. Should a patient begin to experience symptoms that may be better addressed by specialized geriatric services, residential services, inpatient hospitalization or for chemical dependency, we will work to refer that person to the appropriate service provider.

Most insurance plans offer coverage for outpatient services, however, the length of approved time and co-pay varies depending on your plan. Contact your insurance company or review your summary of benefits for further information. For patients without insurance, limited funding may be available from the State of Hawaii, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division or the Adult Mental Health Division.

At Day Treatment Services, we aim to provide the appropriate level of services for the appropriate amount of time. Each individual is different and we tailor treatment to the specific needs of each patient. Length of stay in our program depends on what your treatment goals are if you have requirements for treatment and your ongoing progression in reaching those goals. Treatment goals are mutually determined by the patient and the treatment team and primarily focus on stabilizing symptoms, strengthening recovery tools, and increasing community involvement. Requirements for completion of the treatment program will be clear and obtainable.

No, we do not conduct a drug assessment for a court case.