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Family Treatment Center at The Queen’s Medical Center

Family Treatment Center

Family Treatment Center, part of The Queen’s Medical Center’s Behavioral Health services, offers specialized care for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders. Psychiatric and mental health treatment is given together with 24-hour nursing care. Specialized treatment based on specific patient goals and individual levels of care addresses a variety of illnesses ranging from imminent to long-term. We are a 28-bed inpatient unit designed to provide education, guidance and structure to school-aged children and youth in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. We provide resources for children/families in need of mental health treatment at an acute level.

The mission of the Family Treatment Center is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to facilitate the healing process for the youth of Hawaii and their families.We strive to ensure that all patients will be actively engaged in meaningful, individualized treatment that has been empirically validated and which seeks to foster the development of needed life skills.

The dedicated, multi-disciplinary team provides psychotherapy and individualized care, centered around each patient’s needs and goals. Care plans include:

Child- and family-centered, culturally sensitive programs are developed for each patient’s social, physical, emotional, educational, recreational, and developmental needs. We encourage families and caregivers to participate actively in their child’s treatment. A daily schedule of patient programming is available upon request.

Acute Hospitalization

Acute hospitalization is intended to provide immediate safety and stabilization for the patient. We assess the patient’s and family’s needs, address immediate crises and coordinate resources and supports in the community. The average length of stay in our acute program is three to five days.